Becker Variair Controller+

The controller is easily adjustable to individual requirements. The VARIAIR Controller+ is a sustainable technology and solution to control and monitor air supply systems. Vacuum and pressure pumps, equipped with or without Becker frequency converter technology (VARIAIR Units), can merge into user-friendly complete systems. Different types of pumps, for instance side channel blowers and rotary vane pumps, can be combined and tailored to suit a specific need as a VARIAIR Central System.

Central systems

In central systems, multiple single pumps on separate production machines are replaced by just a few larger vacuum pumps and/or compressors in a separate room (control room, basement etc.). The units are connected to the production machines via pipes.

The VARIAIR Central System (VACS) from Becker provides a compact solution for supplying air to one or more production systems. This method of supplying suction and blast air supply is employed in a wide range of different places.

Pumping stations with/without oil rotary vane vacuum pumps

Whenever a certain vacuum needs to be provided, vacuum systems from Gebr. Becker are employed. Systems for a continuous provisioning generally contain one or several vacuum pumps mounted on a vessel.
Dry running pumps (VT/VX 4.16 – VTLF/VXLF 2.250) are used as vacuum pumps. A vacuum of up to 90 % can thus be attained. Vessels are available in the sizes 90, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 litres in horizontal versions.

Vacuum pumps


Combined pressure

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