Palletizing robotic cell for 25kg salt bags

The collaboration between SNS SALROM Ocna Dej  and Robital Industrial Supplier began with a real technological success because, due to the quality of the equipment and the implementation process, the first line installed three years ago continues to operate at full, permanent, error-free and minimal maintenance costs even in aggressive environments such as a saline.

The partnership between the two companies began with the installation of an automatic filling line, robotised palletizing for 25 kg bags with a productivity of 1,600 bags per hour. As mentioned by the representative of the beneficiary, engineer Adrian Alexandru, “this professional experience can be described as one of the best we had with one of our suppliers. The production line has been delivered and installed quickly, safely, and is remarkable in its ease of operation. “

“We knew that the Robital engineers’ expertise and the technical performance of the Kawasaki robots are a perfect match, but we were all the more pleased when our customer contacted us to tell us that the palletizing line had just recorded 100,000 tons of packed salt, which demonstrates its high reliability”, said Alexandru Turcu, general manager of Robital. The only costs required by the equipment during the three years of operation were the consumables required for its good functioning. Robital Industrial Supplier has also provided equipment maintenance (spare parts, training and technical assistance).

“This acquisition is among the most profitable, considering the purchase price, the maintenance costs and the level of operation of the equipment, functional at its maximum capacity, permanently”, added engineer Adrian Alexandru from SNS SALROM Salina Ocna Dej.

The automatic line integrates a ZD250 Kawasaki palletizing robot with a 250Kg payload, equipped with an electromechanical gripper with fingers for bag handling. Palletizing is realised by handling sacks in groups of two or three pieces with a maximum palletizing rate of 27 bags / minute, 40 tons / hour, and the electric power consumed is 20Kw.

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